Dr Jeffrey Dayhuff DDS
1525 West Church Street
       Newark, OH 43055

1.       Pre-screen every patient for COVID-19 risk factors using a comprehensive questionnaire until accurate testing is available.

2.       Reduce the number of in-person appointments by utilizing telephone triage and other remote strategies to address specific patient concerns.

3.       Stagger patient appointments to minimize patient-to-patient contact. 

4.       Social distancing will be observed in the dental offices and waiting areas. Stay in your vehicle until Pam waves you inside.
           Please wear a mask from your car into the waiting room to complete the comprehensive questionnaire.

5.       Schedule patients ensuring that sufficient time is allocated for appropriate disinfection between patients as recommended in the ADA toolkit.

6.       Patients should come alone for appointments (except where necessary for interpreters, guardians of minors, and others needing assistance).

7.       Record body temperatures for every patient when they arrive for their appointment. If your temperature is 99.6 or higher,
             we will not provide dental care to you that day.

8.       Patients reporting or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms are to be advised to contact their primary care physician immediately.
                 And we will delay dental treatment until a future date.

9.       Dentists should secure COVID-19 test reports where available for patients and staff.

10.   All staff members should have their temperatures taken upon arriving at work and a record maintained at the dental office.

11.   Staff members who report or exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms should self-quarantine and contact their primary care physician immediately and follow their advice. If found to be positive, the dental office should follow the Ohio Department of Health protocol
12.   All dental personnel shall use appropriate PPE as dictated by the procedure performed, consistent with guidelines from the CDC and the American Dental Association, including masks, face shields, fluid-resistant gowns and hair cover if applicable.

13.   Dental providers should use high volume evacuators and isolation strategies including rubber dams when appropriate to limit exposure to aerosols.

14.   It is recommended that patients use a pre-procedure mouth rinse immediately before beginning a procedure. Our office will   
        use hydrogen peroxide diluted in half with water. Brush your teeth at home before you arrive for your dental appointment.

15.   All surfaces must be disinfected between patients in accordance with the ADA guidelines.

16.   Special care should be taken for patients with higher risk (pre-existing comorbidities) or immunocompromised individuals.

17.   Dentists are encouraged to work with local public health agencies regarding necessary screening and reporting requirements.

18.   These guidelines will continue to be updated as needed.


The following questionnaire needs filled out at the dentist office after we take your temperature and with YOUR MASK ON:

Jeffrey Dayhuff DDS         4.29.2020     Yes or No

Have you had any symptoms of COVID-19 that include:  yes or no

    Fever  ____  Headaches ____   Cough _+__   Shortness of Breath ____   Loss of Smell or Taste ____

       If current, please contract your doctor and we will reschedule your dental appointment

       If the symptoms are absent, how long did they last ?     _____

       How long have the sympoms been absent      ______

Have you been around any individual who has had the above symptoms or has tested positive 

For COVID-19   ?  yes or no   ______

      If so, how long has it been since you have had contact with them ?  _____

Have you been practicing social distancing ?  yes or no _____

Have you traveled  by bus, train, or airplane in the past two weeks ? ______

Have you had the COVID-19 virus ? _____

     If so, have  you been tested for active virus four weeks after your symptons dissapeared ?  _____

     Were you hospitalized for COVID-19?   ______

What are your current medical alerts or conditions ?  _____________________________

What medications are you taking ?  _______________________________________________

What are your known allergies ? ____________________________________________________